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We have the right to be proud of our educational institution run by national cadres with long experience in the field of education and academic experts from various countries of the world directed to serve our students and their parents with the highest levels of service, knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity. We are, therefore, looking forward to becoming a model for educational institutions of the highest international standards at all levels in the Sultanate.

Al-Raneem Foundation believes that human capital is the true wealth of the homelands and the most beneficial for investment and development, and in support to a great homeland and an ambitious leadership that seeks to be a partner in building the vision of the Sultanate 2040 by preparing a promising future for our students by investing their minds and abilities and employing their talents and skills optimally.

With the increasing scientific acceleration, the abundance of sources of knowledge, and the diversity of their fields and sources, the necessity comes to change the traditional concept of the school from being a place to receive information to becoming an institution for the human industry, building society, enhancing intellectual and cultural awareness in addition to opening up means of learning and knowledge in front of students and enabling them primarily to learn and support them to achieve their abilities, Innovation and gaining the required knowledge.

Al-Raneem has succeeded with the efficiency of its work team in converting the traditional education system into an interactive electronic system by means of Apple tablet learning devices through various educational platforms that provide educational services to our students. This is done in a unique way in keeping with the modernity of the various learning resources required by the curricula, international programs and the different skills of our students.

Al-Raneem is keen to provide all its services in a pioneering and modern manner using its more than thirty years of experience in the field of operating and managing educational institutions and its wide relations with educational institutions around the world and international organizations to improve the quality of teaching and learning, adopting the concepts of continuous improvement and measuring competence as a reference to continuously improve educational outcomes. This is done through building an integrated system to provide knowledge from its educational environment and its international programs to the experts of educational curricula in the strategies of “knowledge empowerment”.

We ask the Almighty Allah to help us in fulfilling our mission and empowering the next generation to preserve Oman, and for the leader of its renaissance, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God protect him.

Karim Baksh Al-Balushi