Secondary Years

Secondary Years (Grade7– Grade11)

What can you expect from us?

Educational institutions benefit from a variety of teaching methods powered by technology. Offering online classes are quickly becoming the norm, as more institutions attempt to make learning more accessible for all. Every virtual secondary school day is an engaging one that brings to life every aspect of your child’s curriculum with plenty of opportunities to interact with their teachers and classmates. Our virtual classes will inspire the student with innovative lessons, unique learning opportunities and high-quality teaching as part of our blended learning approach. Our Virtual School Experience has two key aspects:  Connected time where students can learn from their teachers ‘live’ using our safe and secure online platform.  Guided time where pupils learn independently through tailored tasks set by their teacher. Our virtual secondary school strikes a balance between on and offline learning time so that a student can make the most of learning from home. The School already provided software on iPads necessary for schoolwork.
Secondary Years

Benefits for parents

Students wellbeing is always at the heart of everything we do, paying close attention to their social, emotional, creative, physical and cultural needs. From learning new skills to refining existing knowledge, working towards exams and preparing for exciting next steps, our secondary school students benefit from a Virtual School Experience designed to give them the best foundation for the future. If the student is in an examination class, we make sure also to give personalized tutorial support and, where necessary, individualized programmes to maximize their opportunities for success. Moreover, the RPS Training Manager will train the students and teachers in:
Dynamic learning platform
Digital learning.
The parents are the stakeholders of the school and need to know the digital learning system, therefore, the school will organize session for parents once in a semester.
Continuous training will be provided for skills and better learning.

Providing parents with clarity around digital classroom expectations is vital for having a system for accountability when we are not able to see our students every day. This can be done in a multitude of ways, such as publishing distance learning guidelines in the Principal’s Letter and sharing key announcements using systems like Remind. Parents have expressed concern that they feel they do not have the knowledge to effectively support the management and use of an iPad (or other digital technologies their child uses). There a few step you could take to help develop your confidence:

  1. Ask your child to show you what they know, or what they can do with their technology,
  2. Talk to other parents and seek advice or support,
  3. Read the information shared by the school, or attend scheduled “Digital Learning Meeting” to be held by the school.
  4. Or you could type in your question and send to Manager Digital Learning.
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