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March 16, 2022


The RPS is striving beyond the classroom Learning, which is equally important with influx of huge technology and thus the goals are only possible with additional spaces to add value. The changes in building safety codes after pandemic, over-crowded classrooms and staffrooms and advances in technology, RPS being the most popular school and first choice of parent’s decided to accommodate maximum number of students in Al Amerat. The addition of extra classrooms, playing areas, Learning Resources, Swimming Poll and Cafeteria will enhance the physical, educational and understanding level of the students as following:

  1. The school would be able to provide better environment for quality education in a much professional way with the proposed development plan.
  2. More number of students will be able to benefit from the state of the art facility next door. The school facilities have a profound effect on student learning. These include, spatial configurations, noise level, standardized temperature, proper lighting, and air quality that impacted on students’ and teachers’ ability to focus on academic achievement on a daily basis.
  3. The moral standard of stakeholders will be elevated because of the newness and up gradation to the building as well as, it will attract more parents to enroll their kids for admission.
  1. With the expansion plan student’s achievements and advantage level would be higher as compare to other schools in surroundings.
  2. The basic requirement for running international programs of Cambridge International, Ai, NCPSA and CIS would be only possible with the development and extension plan of RPS.
  3. The parents are always being looking for the state of the art facility, quality education and the modern and well-kept campus for their children in Al Amerat and surroundings, RPS will be their first choice.
  4. The school is already among the best schools of surroundings based on different results in academics and extracurricular activities. The school will be a role model for other schools with additional facilities. The school has huge opportunities to thrive academically and sports for double number of students if guaranteed funds as soon as possible
  5. Some specialist courses and expert teaching require additional spaces (in and out), the addition of which ultimately make things on top.
  6. The school already investing huge amount in both International Programs, curriculum, Technology and staff development. The additional support would be benefiting in longer terms for all stakeholders.
  7. The RPS believe in high quality work as per the standards of NCPSA and Ai which also suggested proposed expansion of school for full scale facilities.
  8. The Parents are highly satisfied with the virtual classes during Pandemic and believe the vision and mission of school.
  9. The school is a unique, following Apple Education system with 100% iPads and eBooks with more ambitious goals in future. The strengths of RPS is as follow:
    • 100% iPads and ebooks from KG to Grade 12 in line with the philosophy of Oman vision 2040 that is paperless and environment friendly.
    • Cambridge International Programs and Curriculum from Grade 1- 12.
    • Official partner of British Council and Mi. Store Oman
    • All teachers and staff are Apple certified Teacher in Education.
    • eLibrary with approx. 10,000 ebooks.
    • RPS is IELTS registration and examination / Testing Centre.
    • Part of Green School Project by reducing papers more than 90%
  1. Well-structured building can also attract top international teachers and retain talented staff members. It is also fair to say that happy students are created by happy teachers in good and healthy environment. RPS new block is expected to boost staff to work in spacious environment.

How Development of RPS will Impact different stakeholders / communities?

There is huge evidence of the holistic impact of development of school spaces on learning and development of children, the school extension of projects can have a profound effect on faculty and administration. Expansion of RPS school will revolutionize how it operates and improve the lives of everyone who works and studies here.

The development of RPS direct collaboration among the stakeholders allowed everyone in the loop throughout the process, to rally support for funding, encourage participation, maintain morale, instill ownership, and facilitate the understanding of the project

Keeping in view the proposed development there would be a huge positive impact expansion of school on different stakeholders:

  • Students:
    • The additional school facilities will improve the learning environment and understanding of students with the increase of indoors and outdoors additional spaces.
    • Well-designed schools can boost children’s academic and curricular activities performance. We believe that the design and environmental factors for new school buildings and classrooms will improve children’s results in curricular and extracurricular activities.
    • The proposed development instills wellbeing of pupils.
    • With the addition of moreLearning spaces and technology, the rise of digital learning aids, classroom and school design can help facilitate the integration of new learning methods, from role playing to collaborative learning.
    • The social and emotional relationships among the students will enhance.
    • The satisfaction of students will help school to grow faster and increase the population.
  • Parents
    • In this context parents will be more fascinated and attracted towards spacious and well-structured school building environments for their children.
    • More confident for beyond the classroom learning and education
    • Influencing parent and student perception is an added advantage as well.
    • The proposed plan of development will of course positively influence parents’ perception, satisfaction and trust with RPS.
    • Parents will be provided with reasonable and safe premises for their child’s thus enhancing the trust among parents.
  • Staff members:
    • The physical surroundings, especially safe and healthy school buildings, affect the teaching and learning environment, the increase in spaces will make teachers enthrall to achieve their goals flexibly.
    • Well-structured building can also attract and retain talented staff members which is baseline conditions for learning, mentoring and coaching
    • The developments help teachers and other staff members to maintain quality instructional levels.
    • Self-improvement and staff development, supported by well-designed performance review and self-evaluation.
  • Owners
    • Implications for equity is only possible in the state of the art educational facilities and development for the provision of quality education for:
      • all genders
      • people with special educational needs and disabilities
      • urban, rural, and marginal area populations
      • populations in transition
      • needy children
    • The school’s mission, vision and educational values are directly proportional to the development of a spacious environment and additional resources.
    • The owner will make sure that the culture of the school is learner-centred and supports students and teachers to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged students in a spacious learning environment.
    • Striving to meet the Innovative of Learning Environment objectives while also respecting the professionalism of the educationalists involved and their current traditions, skills, and constraints.
    • Implement the policies of the Green school project in a true spirit.
    • Provide the parents with different payment options/ installments with the development of school.
  • MOE and Government of Oman
    • The development plan of RPS is in the line of MOE mission and vision 2040 of Oman. The RPS is contributing towards HM’s vision of education.
    • MOE is striving hard to improve the level of education in Oman through different strategies. The development of RPS will develop more trust and confidence among regulators.
    • MOE supports RPS that is spatially flexible so that over the long term they can support rather than obstruct any changes or developments in pedagogical practice in future.
    • RPS, an Apple Education School with 100% iPads and eBooks, offering Cambridge International Programs and Curriculum in the state of the art building is a model school for MOE. Any further development will enhance more trust.
  • International Educational Organization like; Cambridge, Ai & NCPSA:
    • The development of RPS will enable leaders to apply quality standards in its true spirit utilizing maximum spaces of learning.
    • Apply international programs and curriculum, International awareness and global perspectives through utilizing the learning spaces.
    • The implementation of physical examinations and its security is the most important pillar of International Programs which is only possible through development and extension of RPS.
  • Community
    • The development of RPS will help, promote and suffice the requirement of the local community of Al Amerat and surrounding areas.
    • The community won’t travel to far away from their surroundings.
    • The community will participate with RPS in different community services and activities.
    • The RPS will play a positive role in community wellbeing.
  • Competitors
    • RPS already set high standards for Technology and academics which can help the competitors and others schools to grow and develop.
    • Being Role model for all established and growing school, the RPS is ready to offer services and support to all the schools in Oman.
    • Sufficient training areas will be available for neighboring schools.
  • Financial Institutions
    • The school with more facilities will attract more students thus resulting in business growth and ultimately supportive for Banks.
    • RPS pay salary, payment of dues, utilities, rents, contracts, fee and other charges through financial institutions, which helps the economy of Oman
    • RPS believe in partnership with all financial institutions.